How to buy best motorcycle gloves

How to buy best motorcycle gloves

If you are a motorcycle rider than you will definitely need a pair of gloves for the protection of your hands. It is a false perception that only a helmet is enough for the biker’s safety. Gloves are equally important for the safety of hands as other protective gears. They protect your hands and fingers from cuts and bruises whether it is winter or summer. In addition to provide protection, motorcycle glovesalso give you a stylish look. Most of the bike riders only wear these gloves to look cool and hip. Most of motorcycle gloves are made from leather or Cordura whether they are designed for summer or winters. Following are some types of motorcycle gloves:

Motorcycle Gloves
  1. Summer Gloves: These gloves are specially designed for summer. Summer motorcycle gloves are made from thin leather as no one can wear heavy multi layered leather gloves in summer.
  2. Winter Gloves:  Winter motorcycle gloves are the thickest gloves among all other types of gloves. As these gloves are made from thick leather or Cordura and they are much heavier than the summer gloves. Winter motorcycle gloves protect your fingers from getting numb in cold weather.
  3. Medium weight Gloves: Medium weight motorcycle gloves are the most commonly used gloves among riders. These gloves are heavy from the summer gloves and lighter than winter gloves. They provide more protection than summer motorcycle gloves and are not heavy as winter gloves.
  4. Fingerless gloves: Fingerless motorcycle gloves are the trendiest one. Although they look stylish but do not provide a lot of protection. These gloves are best for summer rides.
  5. Rain gloves: These gloves are also known as waterproof gloves. These gloves serve a specific purpose that is to protect your hands from water or rain all year long.
  6. Gauntlet: These gloves are perfect for any season and have an extra extension over the wrist. Gauntlet gloves also provide protection to the wrist.

Now, you know about the different kinds of motorcycle gloves. After knowing about various kinds of gloves it becomes very easy to decide which motorcycle glove matches your needs and is perfect to buy. Here are some tips also for buying motorcycle gloves:

  1. Size: Whatever kind of motorcycle gloves you’re buying, size of the glove must not be too loose or too tight. Only a snug glove can give you safety and comfortable ride. If your gloves don’t fit well then it is useless to wear them.
  2. Stitching: Whenever you are buying motorcycle gloves, be cautious about the stitching of gloves. Stitching of motorcycle gloves must be of very high quality because of their excessive use.
  3. Leather: Leather is a great material for glove. Most of the gloves are made from animal hides. Leather of any motorcycle glove must be according to your need that is thick for winters and thin or ventilated for summers.
  4. Padding: There should be an extra padding in palm, fingers and knuckle area and other areas which could be damaged in case of fall.
  5. Length: Your glove should be long enough to provide protection to your wrist.
  6. Insulation: Insulation is very important for gloves. So, the lining of glove should be made of a fabric that is good for insulation and on palm area insulation should be thinner to get a good grip on handle.
  7. Comfort: To check that whether the gloves will make you feel comfortable or not, just curl your fingers tightly inside the glove and see how it feels. If you still comfortable and leather is not extra stretched than these gloves are comfortable.

By following all the above directions, you can have a best pair of motorcycle gloves which are stylish, comfortable and protective.

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