Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves-Pros and Cons

Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves-Pros and Cons

Riding gloves are a very important part of a motorcyclist’s gear. They have many benefits which include prevention of road rashes and injuries; to keep the hand warm to avoid stiffness; to put an end to sweaty and slippery hands; to guard against the elements to prevent any distractions. All these benefits added together result in safe and comfortable rides. When choosing gloves for riding you will come across a number of different shapes and styles of glove, among these fingerless motorcycle gloves are a much popular choice.

Characteristics of Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves:

Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

The main design feature that differentiates fingerless style from other form of the gloves is the shape of these gloves. These gloves provide coverage in the palm up to the knuckles; above the knuckles the fingers remain exposed. The lower end usually extends up to the wrist, but one can also find gloves that cover 3-4 inches of the upper arm.

These gloves are usually made of abrasion resistant material like leather, and they may make use of reinforced padding and armor in the knuckles, finger joints and the palm. These gloves also come with holes at the knuckles for better ventilation.

Advantages of Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves:

These gloves, due to their open structures and lightness, enjoy many benefits over full-coverage gloves styles:

These gloves are great for warm weather riding. Lesser amount of garment means that your hands will not feel very hot during the summer. The sweat from your fingers can easily evaporate keeping your hands cooler.

These gloves provide better ventilation. The air can move through the gaps between the gloves and the fingers. Additional holes at the knuckles enhance the ability of air to move in and out. This prevents sweaty palms as the moisture from perspiration can be easily transmitted to the surroundings. Your hands will not feel stuffy or slippery while riding and you can operate your motorcycle well.

They provide greater flexibility and ease of movement. Since the fingers are not covered with bulky materials that needs to be stretched and bent with your fingers while your ride your motorcycle, it is much easier to perform such motions with fingerless motorcycle gloves. Also, it is a difficult task to pick up objects with bulkier gloves, but these gloves keep your fingers free for any type of task.

They provide adequate protection in the knuckles and the palm area using thick leather and Kevlar reinforcements at the knuckles.

Fingerless gloves look very stylish. They come with a range of colors and designs to match with your dressing taste.

One can also find some decent pair of fingerless gloves for very low prices. They can be bought for less than $50, but full gloves cost around $100.

Disadvantages of Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves:

Since these gloves provide less coverage, these gloves have several downsides which make them unsuitable for extreme riding:

These gloves provide less protection to your hands. Your fingers remain exposed; these gloves don’t offer any defense against injuries or abrasions at the fingers. They don’t provide protection against wind either because of the gaps between the gloves and the fingers. You fingers are not protected from distractions like striking debris or bugs.

These gloves cannot be used in colder weathers. Since your fingers are exposed, they can easily lose heat resulting in cold and numb fingers. The stiff fingers will make the operation of the bike much more difficult.

These gloves are not suited for rainy weathers. Since the gloves have an open structure, the rain can make your hands wet resulting in difficulty in riding.

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