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Women’s Motorcycle Gloves- Protective Gear for Motorcycle Mamas

Women’s Motorcycle Gloves- Protective Gear for Motorcycle Mamas

Trends in the Proportion of Female Riders:

Womens Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle riding is an exciting and liberating activity for individuals of all ages and genders. Both male and females need to wear safety apparel when riding motorcycle. Since women have lower body mass and size and lesser muscle power, they are more likely to get seriously injured while riding. However, still the number of women riders is rapidly increasing. In the 1990 number of females buying Harley-Davidson motorcycles was around 4 to 5 percent, and today the number has increased to about 15%. Even though the number of women riders is rising, most motorcycle gear stores primarily focus on men’s clothing. Nevertheless, many big stores offer great products for women as well.

When getting clothing for their riding, ladies should also pay careful attention to the protection and comfort of their hands. Many stores provide outstanding women’s motorcycle gloves specially designed to fit the narrower and thinner feminine hands.

Glove Features for Women Riders:

The hands of all the riders, no matter what gender, are exposed to similar dangers and threats. Therefore, the gloves designed for females usually feature the same qualities as the men’s gloves.

The gloves should defend ones hands against abrasions and road rash in case of a crash and a fall. Leather gloves with Kevlar reinforcements are ideal for this purpose. In addition, they should provide high levels of ventilation to prevent the accumulation of moisture from perspiration on ones hands. Sweaty hands reduce one’s ability to maneuver the bike well. The gloves should also be soft and comfortable, and they should ensure easy movement.

Both men’s and ladies’ riding gloves need to have these features. Women can opt for greater padding and removable inserts for their women’s motorcycle gloves.

Size and Shape Make the Difference:

Both men and women need to be protected from the same elements, so their gloves provide similar features. The only difference is the shape and size of the gloves. Female hands are usually thinner and narrower, so the gloves designed for men would be too loose for a feminine hand to provide adequate protection. For any motorcycle gear to perform well, it must fit the body of the rider snugly. If the gloves are too loose they cannot protect against cold winds and it would be hard for anyone to handle their bike in them. The average size of women’s motorcycle gloves is 7.5”, whereas for men the medium size is 9.5”. Make sure your riding gloves are sized according to your hands before using them.

Sizing Your Motorcycle Gloves:

The procedure for finding the correct glove size for your hand is the same for both men and women. To find the size make use of a measuring tape. The measuring tape must be wrapped around the knuckles. Place the tip of the tape in between your finger and thumb, and wrap it around your hand up to the point it reaches the tape at the thumb. Take the measurement in inches. Make sure the tape doesn’t fold or twist while measuring. For women’s motorcycle gloves make use of a Ladies Glove Sizes chart to find the right size of gloves.