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Get Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves for Maximum Comfort

Protective and flexible riding gloves are an essential part of motorcycle safety apparel. There are many materials used to manufacture gloves, but leather gloves are the most popular among riders because of their abrasion resistance and durability. In addition, leather just looks very cool and stylish and complies with the traditional image of a rider. Among the leather gloves options available, deerskin leather gloves stand out as the softest and the most luxurious.

Type of Leather Used to Manufacture Motorcycle Gloves:

Leather can be extracted from many different animals. Some of the toughest leather types are used in making motorcycle gloves. Each leather type has its own advantages:

Cowhide: This leather, extracted from cow, is the most commonly available leather type. Motorcycle gloves typically make use of this type because of its high resistance against abrasion and easy availability. However, cowhide can be very tough and inflexible making it uncomfortable for the rider. It also gets worse with time because it starts cracking.

Pigskin: Leather taken from pigs is softer. It is also more resistant to moisture and it doesn’t start cracking. It is only readily available in areas where pigs are a staple food.

Goatskin: This leather type is as tough as cowhide while also being soft due to Lanolin content. However, it lacks durability.

Deerskin: It is the softest and most supple leather available in the market. It has a very long life, and it even gets better with time. But deerskin motorcycle gloves are not great against road rashes and can wear under intense pressure.

Deerskin Makes The Most Comfortable Gloves:

No other leather type surpasses deerskin in it suppleness. They have great buttery texture that feels great to the touch. It naturally consists of open fibers which trap the air making deerskin light, so deerskin gloves are not a burden on rider’s hand. The trapped air also provides insulation in cold weather. Also, this type of leather is extremely flexible; it can stretch very easily. This allows the rider to operate his bike without any difficulty in motion. Another great feature of deerskin motorcycle gloves is that they change their form according to the shape of the rider hand, so they exceed any other gloves in comfort and ease. Deerskin gloves have a very long life; they even get better with more wear. These leather gloves not only provide great protection, they are also a true luxury and pleasure for the wearer.

Taking Care of Deerskin Gloves:

Deerskin leather is expensive, so one needs to maintain it to ensure that it retains it great texture and color. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using deerskin motorcycle gloves:

  1. Prevent long exposures of deerskin to sunlight as the leather dries out and fades away because of the heat.
  2. Get emulsifies lanolin from an online or home improvement store. Apply it to a soft cleaning cloth and rub it gently on the glove. Let the lanolin dry. Don’t place the gloves near a heat source while drying.

If your gloves get stained wash them gently with soap and water. Unlike cowhide, deerskin can be submerged in water as it doesn’t damage with wetting and drying.