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Advantages of using cowhide motorcycle gloves

Advantages of using cowhide motorcycle gloves

If you want to enjoy a motorcycle ride in summers or winters with Free State of mind means no fear of life, than never forget to wear motorcycle protective gears. These protective gears are helmet, jacket and gloves. Motorcycle gloves are very important for the safety of hands while riding. They also protect your fingers in case of an accident. They also protect your hands from the direct effects of sunlight. These gloves are mostly made of leather. Leather is animal skin which is used to make shoes, hand bags, jackets, auto interiors, belts, luggage and many more articles.

Cow hide Motorcycle Gloves
Cow-hide Motorcycle Gloves

Cowhide is the most commonly used type of leather which is obtained from cow skin. Other types of leather are obtained from deer skin, goat skin, calf skin, buffalo skin, pig skin, Elephant skin etc. Cowhide is very thicker in nature and thus can be split in different layers. Following are some types of cowhide leather:

  1. Top grained
  2. Aniline
  3. Semi aniline

Top Grained: It is the outer most layer of cowhide leather. This type of leather is used to protect from maximum amount of light and water. Thus gloves which are made from top grained cowhide protect your hands from adverse effects of sharp sun light in summers and from rain in winters.

Aniline: Aniline cow hide is lighter than top grained but stronger than semi aniline. It requires more care and maintenance.

Semi Aniline: Semi Aniline is less productive than top grain and Aniline cowhide. It can also be easily damaged when it comes in contact with water.

Motorcycle gloves which are made from the cowhide have so many advantages over the others. These advantages are described as follows:

Strength: Cowhide motorcycle gloves have more strength than others. Cowhide is naturally thicker and much more durable than all other types of leathers.

Comfort: Although cowhide leather is not very soft but it is very comfortable to wear and have best fitting.

Availability: As it is a byproduct of beef industry so it is abundantly available. Cowhide gloves are opulently available in the market and you can easily find them anywhere and can choose a pair of your choice from a variety of cowhide gloves.

Quality: Cowhide gloves are excellent in quality and lasts longer.

Prices: cowhide gloves are reasonable in price and always offer lower cost as compared to other leathers.

Style: Cowhide gloves can be bought in any color, style and design which best suits to the customer needs.

Size: Another big advantage of cowhide is their size. Gloves and other articles which are made from cowhide are available in every size whether it is small, medium or big.

Tooling: As cowhide quickly takes other stamps and textures on it so it is the best material for tooling. Even you can get a texture of Elephant, lizard or alligator skin on your cowhide gloves with small price.

Thickness: As cowhide can be split into different layers because of its thick nature so you can get gloves of your desired thickness.

Thus, in short cowhide gloves are less expensive, durable and also fashionable at times, so they are best for use.