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Prevent Numbness of Hands with Cold Weather Motorcycle gloves

Prevent Numbness of Hands with Cold Weather Motorcycle gloves
Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves
Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves

The less adventurous motorcycle riders pack up their motorcycle in the garage on the arrival of winter because riding in cold, chilly weather is very difficult for anyone. During winters, the sharp winds splices through your body that ends up in cold sores. However, it is possible to keep your hands warm and comfortable in winters as well by purchasing cold weather motorcycle gloves.  These gloves make use of materials and technologies to that trap your body heat and keep your hands dry for higher comfort.

Retain the Heat with Insulating Lining:

While riding in winter the hands feel cold because they constantly lose their heat to the surroundings. Hands are most susceptible to these convective heat losses because of their thin and protruded structures. If they are not protected from the freezing cold and chilly winds, they will become stiff and numb, and it will be almost impossible for you to maneuver your bike. Instead of enjoying the ride, you will have to face sever discomfort.

You can make winter riding much easier by using cold weather motorcycle gloves. Winter riding gloves come with linings that insulate your hands from the surroundings. Use of thick leather is suitable for less severe temperatures. For harsher weather, the gloves must come with additional linings like Thinsulate or PrimaLoft.

Both of these insulations reduce convective losses to a very low level. They make use of very fine fibers packed together in a small area. These fibers trap the air within their gaps. Since, the fibers are very small these insulations trap more air in less area. The trapped air prevents the loss of heat to the surrounding which is retained within your body.

These insulating fabrics are also very light and ultra-breathable ensuring your comfort.

Waterproofing is Essential for Cold Weather:

At low temperature the air is often saturated with fog. If your gloves are made of a material that is not water resistant then the fog will condense on your gloves making them wet. This will increase the chilliness of the wind and it also makes riding difficult. Make sure that your cold weather motorcycle gloves are equipped with a waterproof lining.

For humid or wet winters the outer surface of your gloves must not be made of leather. Leather is not water resistant and it also gets damaged due to high moisture. If your gloves are made of leather then they must be treated for water-resistance. Many winter gloves are made of leather that is constructed with HiPora to prevent wetness. Other option includes textile like Cordura that are great against wetness.

Additional Features to Seek in Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves:

You specially built winter gloves will not offer much protection unless they fit you well. It should provide a fitting that is perfectly impermeable to the surroundings. Also, the gloves must have gauntlet style to cover the wrist of your jacket. This ensures that there is no passage for the movement of the cold air in through your body.

The gloves must also be highly protective; accidents are more likely on the cold and slippery roads so an adequate defense against abrasions and impacts is a must.