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Enjoy your summer with ventilated summer gloves

Enjoy your summer with ventilated summer gloves

Summer is the most appropriate time for bike riders to enjoy their ride. As in summers dry roads, blue skies and sunshine are the factors which invite a motorcycle rider to go on a ride. And it is very important to enjoy a summer bike ride that you choose the accurate bike gears for summers.

Summer Motorcycle Gloves
Ventilated Summer Gloves

In summers a bike protective gears are slightly different in texture because of the warm weather. Usually it seems very crazy when we think of wearing clothing on during warm weather. But as they are very necessary for the safety of bike riders so these summer bike gears are specially designed keeping in mind the hot weather. Most commonly used summer bike gears are ventilated helmets, cool suits, ventilated leather jackets, body armor cool pants and ventilated or cool gloves. These specially designed motorcycle gears help a lot to beat summer heat. They protect your body from the direct effects of sunlight. In addition to this, these protective gears also helps to retain the moisture and keep a person cool in the hot weather.

Summer Motorcycle Gloves

When we talk about motorcycle gloves, motorcycle and gloves are the two words that always go together weather it is summer or winter because hands are the most vulnerable parts of the body while riding a bike. Hands are the first point of impact in case of a fall or accident and continuous exposure of heat and sunlight also damages the skin of hands. But you cannot wear heavy weight leather gloves in summer because of the warm weather. Ventilation is perhaps one of the most important qualities of summer gloves while riding a motorcycle. If you want to enjoy a ride in summers, than you have to concentrate more on the road than on the weather. For this purpose you will definitely need to stay cool and ventilation can decrease the temperature dramatically as it allows the airflow easily.

Ventilated Motorcycle Gloves

As ventilation is a necessary feature of such motorcycle gloves, so mesh and perforated motorcycle gloves are the best option for summer bike riding as they provide great ventilation. Ventilated gloves also come with correct hand armor, so they also provide great protection. These summer ventilated gloves comes in different shapes and designs which are described as follows:

Back Holes: These summer ventilated gloves have little perforated holes along the back of the hand.

Palm Holes: These summers ventilated gloves have small net like holes on the palm area of hands.

Knuckles side Holes: These summers ventilated gloves provide great ventilation along with the knuckles.

Now, It’s really up to you what kind of gloves you want to select and in what you will feel the most comfortable. Summer gloves with the wrist strap are even the better option as they provide best protection and last longer. In the end, we would recommend you to buy a pair of ventilated gloves to enjoy motorcycle ride in summers as it is much safer than unzipping a leather jacket.