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Kevlar Motorcycle Gloves Have Revolutionized Rider’s Protective Gear

Kevlar Motorcycle Gloves Have Revolutionized Rider’s Protective Gear

Manufacturers are introducing newer and newer technologies in riding gear everyday to improve its performance and to make it more comfortable.  One such innovation is the use of an exceptional material Kevlar in motorcycle gloves. The significance of gloves for bike riders is indisputable; hands are more susceptible to the elements, and gloves guard them against abrasions, wind, debris and cold. Motorcycle gloves are traditionally made of leather, but with Kevlar reinforcements the protection provided by the gloves is excellent without the need for any bulky padding.

Kevlar Motorcycle Gloves
Kevlar Motorcycle Gloves

Stand-out Features in Kevlar Motorcycle Gloves:

Kevlar is an aramid fiber that was produced by DuPont in 1965 as a result of research in crystalline polymers solutions.  Ever since the 70s it has been used in protective devices and vehicles. Over the 4 decades of its use it has evolved enormously its durability and light-weight. It has many features which make it ideal for protective motorcycle gear.

It is very strong; it is five times stronger than steel. Because of its outstanding toughness it is used in making military body armor, bullet proof jackets, underwater equipments etc. It is great for rider’s apparel as well because it doesn’t wear or tear easily under high friction. Crashes or falls while riding usually incur terrible abrasions due to the high speed of the rider. Kevlar motorcycle gloves keep the rider’s hand protected against abrasions at all times.

Kevlar is very popular for its light weight. It is so light that it is commonly used in manufacturing air planes where both strength and aero-dynamic properties matter a lot. As a result, gloves with Kevlar armor or padding are much lighter than equally-protective leather gloves. The lack of bulkiness of Kevlar helps keep the rider comfortable during rides while also providing him with adequate safety.

This synthetic fiber also features great flexibility which makes the operation of the bike much easier for the rider as he can bend and flex his hands easily.

Another unique feature of Kevlar is its thermal properties. It can withstand high temperatures very well; it neither melts nor burns. Therefore, Kevlar motorcycle gloves protect the riders even in fires or hot splashes during an accident. Also, it even remains intact because of the heat produced by friction between your hands and the pavement. Therefore, it is very efficient at guarding you against road rashes.

Leather Combined With Kevlar Makes Great Heavy-Duty Racing Gloves:

If you do a lot of tough riding, like during an aggressive bike race or on a rocky terrain, then you need high-performance gloves to protect your hands. In additions, the gloves shouldn’t be very heavy so that they enable easy movement. Leather gloves with Kevlar reinforcements are an ideal choice for high-level protection. These Kevlar motorcycle gloves come with a thick and protective armor around the knuckles and finger joints as these areas are the most sensitive to injuries. In addition, some varieties of gloves also provide Kevlar inserts for additional protection.