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Why are Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves Favored by Bikers?

Why are Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves Favored by Bikers?

Motorcycle riding gloves are available in three different styles which are short-hand, gauntlets and fingerless.  Each of these designs offers different levels of protection and comfort. Since gauntlets offer the highest defense against the elements and the best fit, this glove shape is preferred by all types of bike riders.

Shape of Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves:

Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves
Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

This glove design provides the highest level of coverage as it not only covers the entire hand of the user, but it also guards the upper part of the forearm. The glove is cuffed at the lower end and the length of the cuff varies between 2 to 8 inches. The shorter cuffed gloves are designed to be worn under the jacket sleeve and are suitable for warmer weathers, whereas the jacket’s sleeve is pushed under the gloves with longer cuffs.

Features of Gauntlets’ Cuffs:

The cuffs are generally an extension of the gloves, and usually consist of the same lining and materials as the rest of the glove. However, they may consist of extra padding at the cuff for increased comfort. The cuff is also curved at the edges for a better fit. High-standard gauntlets provide very soft cuff edges to avoid irritation while one is wearing the glove.

At the circumference where the wrist and hand join, gauntlets are usually equipped with elastic bands or a Velcro strap. This allows the glove to offer a great fit to the shape and size of rider’s hand. Additional straps or zipper can be found beyond the wrist so that your wrist fits snuggly into the gauntlet. Zippers can also be found along the length of the cuff which makes it easier for the rider to wear the glove.

These cuff options provide the rider with the protection and comfort they desire.

Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves Offer Maximum Protection:

The primary purpose of motorcycle gloves is to protect your hands from abrasions while you stick out your hands to protect yourself during falls or crashes. Towards this end, gloves must cover your hands and wrist with a tough and wear-resistant material like leather or Kevlar. This design of gloves ensures that no part of your hand or wrist gets exposed under any circumstances. The short-hand gloves can result in bare wrist or hand as your hands bends and changes positions, while in case of gauntlets the gloves don’t end at wrist so the glove never exposes your skin as you rotate your hands about the wrist. Also, the sleeve of the jacket also tends to stretch downward as you change the position of your arm. With gauntlets you will not be relying on your jacket alone to protect your forearm.

Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves are Ideal for Winters:

Cold weather gloves are normally shaped as gauntlets, because this shape provides the greatest defense against cold and numbing winds. Even if you wear layers of garments to avoid the splicing wind in winter, it may find a passage or a hole at the edges through which it can penetrate and reach your body. For the torso, such a path can be found at the edges of your jacket sleeves and gloves. Gauntlets cover the sleeves ensuring that your clothing is perfectly impermeable.

In addition, electrically heated gloves make use of connecting wires extending from the edges of the gloves. The wires hanging out of your motorcycle clothing looks unappealing and can damage the heating system. Gauntlet motorcycle gloves ensure that these wires are not exposed to the surroundings.

If the summer heat or extra garments around your body is not an issue, then invest in gauntlets to ensure highest protection.

Breaking the Mystery of Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Breaking the Mystery of Heated Motorcycle Gloves

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